Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cocaine is probably the second common drug after marijuana. Cocain is usually sniffed, smoked, consumed, and sometimes injected.
Cocaine comes from Crystalline tropane alkaloid which is obtained in the leaves of coca plant. The name of the drug comes from the plant coca and the suffix ine of alkaloid. Cocaine is know to be very addictive and it is illegal. It is a very strong nervous system stimulant. This drug can lead to various effects in the body. Common effects are it increases alertness, well being and euphoric and energetic. Some of the worse effects are anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness. However health problems generated fromlegal substances such as alcohol or tobacco are greater than health problems created from the use of cocaine. Cocaine does that lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems. Cocaine does not lead do severe mental breakdown but it causes a lot problems in body both internally and externally and most effects the body system and the functioning of the body. Cocaine also does harm to your exterior appearance. For example, on the left, it is a picture of a women before sniffing cocaine and after sniffing cocaine. As the picture is shown the cocaine sucked all the fat out of her face and she looks older. Cocaine will destroy you mentally, internally, and externally.

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