Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marijuana VS Tobacco

Recent studies have shown that there is no increase in death associated with the use of cannabis. Unlike users of tobacco and alcohol, most users of marijuana tend to quit starting from their adult life. Also the exposure to smoke is generally less in marijuana than tobacco. Unlike tobacco which is chemically made and contains nicotine, marijuana does not contain nicotine and is not made with chemical substances. There are less risks in getting lung cancer or heart diseases from smoking marijuana. Many of the substances that make tobacco are also radioactive and it is airborne. Also nicotine which is present in tobacco is known to be highly addictive. Nicotine is a toxic substance and when it is consumed a lot it can cause harmful heart disease's and lung problems.

There haven't been a lot of problems with the over dose of marijuana. However people who ignore doctors advice and continues to smoke tobacco have managed to overdose and die of heart seizure or lung problems. Also because people how smoke creates the problem of second hand smoke. There is none of these problems with marijuana because most marijuana users dont smoke in public a lot because of its psychoactive effects. Also marijuana doesn't cause the narrowing of air passageways in the lungs unlike tobacco. Also research of doctors show that marijuana clears out the lungs with smog, pollutants, or cigarette smokes. This is also the reason why there are legal strands which are used as drugs to cure people. Research has shown that if medium to hard smokers also smoke marijuana they will live at least 7-10 years longer. Even the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) declared that marijuana is in his natural form and it is far safer than foods that people commonly consume.The reason why people smoke tobacco and thinks marijuana is far more dangerous is because they do not know about the chemicals and radioactive substances present in tobacco. In fact many professionals doctors have never heard about the substance called polonium 210 which is present in tobacco and is highly harmful. Also one of the reasons why marijuana is not legalized is because of the cigarette companies. The cigarette companies are very active with the U.S congress for decades fighting against laws and proposed research which could hurt the cigarette companies. Also the tobacco interests practically own the senate and house seats.Tobacco also contributes in fund organizations such as Partnership for a Drug Free America, which adopts a anti-drug agenda. However tobacco and alcohol are always excluded in these agenda, claiming that they are harmless. Also tobacco companies try to hide their ingredients for competitiveness against other companies.

With all these harmful chemical substances in tobacco that most people aren't

informed of, I do not know the reason why marijuana can be legalized when it is

scientifically proven that it causes less harm and when it is stated that it is actually healthier than most of the foods people consume commonly.

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  1. This is a well though out response to the war on drugs. Which in my opinion has failed. This proves that the corporations may simply enforcing the monopoly on tobacco to squash out marijuana.