Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cannabis is probably one of the most common and popular drugs among society. It is also known as marijuana or weed. The cannabis has over 100 strands. (If you are interested, Each strand has different effects. The most common effect is relieving stress and make you calm, another common is effect is making you hungry which is also known as munchies. There are many myths about marijuana and most people think tobacco is better than marijuana however this is a misunderstood concept. Despite is popularity as a drug it is illegal in almost all of the countries around the world except few. The most famous country where weed is illegal is Netherlands. Its capital which is Amsterdam is also known as the weed capital.
Even though marijuana is illegal in the states, there are many people smoking it and enjoying it. The proposition 19 act, which was held on november 2 2010, was a regulating, controlling, and taxing on cannabis. All though the act was defeated with more than half of Californians voting no. If the act was successful it would have allowed a lot of legalized marijuana activities. Despite that marijuana is a drug that is illegal there are a lot of benefits to it and from it.

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