Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here are top 10 reasons why marijuana should be legalized.

10. First of all prohibition has failed to control the domestic product of marijuana. Despite governments effort to prevent marijuana for 75 years, marijuana is now us by more than 25 million people annually. Also currently cannabis is America's top cash crop. Not only that marijuana is grown in the states, marijuana can be grown anywhere in the world if it has the suitable environment.

9. The arrest for marijuana possession affect blacks and hispanics. This creates a perception that law enforcement is bias against minorities. Many hispanics and blacks have been arrested in public for smoking marijuana. This results that law enforcements fail to show that marijuana laws can be enforced fairly regardless of race. Too many minorities have been arrested for marijuana use compared to white, non-hispanic americans who face lower risks of being arrested.

8. In a regulated, legal market of marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and uses among teenagers. It would also reduce exposure to other illegal drugs. Making marijuana illegal makes it more valuable and increases temptation among people to smoke. Which also leads to black market among teenagers. Tobacco and alcohol which are still drugs are illegal for teenagers until a certain age however because it is legalized there are no incentives for teens to sell to each other.

7. Legalizing marijuana would reduce the flow of money from the American economy to foreign countries. Marijuana's illegality makes foreign cultivation very profitable. Sending millions of dollars every year over seas, in an underground economy, diverting funds from productive economic development.

6. If marijuana was legal it would simplify the development of hemp and as a diverse agricultural crop in the U.S. It would also develop the new bio-fuel to reduce carbon emissions. Other countries in the world such as Canada and countries in Europe have been supporting legal hemp cultivation with out legalizing marijuana. Also since hemp only stalks as a fuel source it would not increase prices for food such as an example corn.

5. The prohibition of marijuana is based on lies and disinformation. The justification of illegality requires precise uses of scientific record. The dangers of marijuana have been exaggerated and there is no modern day scientific proof that supports the idea that marijuana is bad. Many claims that marijuana is bad is from old 20th century when science wasn't developed as much as today. However since then scientist have not confirmed with a final solution.

4. It has been proven that marijuana is no worse than alcohol or tobacco. Some research shows that it is actually safer. It has been scientifically proven that marijuana is non-toxic to humans. Also overdose in marijuana is nearly impossible. It is unfair to treat marijuana users more harsh just because of law.

3. Marijuana is too valuable and expensive for justice system and instead should be taxed to support beneficial government programs. People believe that law enforcement has more responsibility than arresting about 75 million people for marijuana uses. Especially also considering the justice cost of disposing these marijuana. Marijuana makes justice system more inefficient in America. Wasting jail space, clogging up court systems, and diverting the time of police, attorneys judges, and corrections officials away from violent crime, sexual abuse of children, and terrorism. Taxation of marijuana can provide fundings to important criminal justice and social programs.

2. Despite the bad views about the effects of marijuana, it also show positive effects. Marijuana has been used for medical usage. Also most marijuana strands have a mild effect. Marijuana reliefs pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms. Many adults in America prefer marijuana to alcohol because of its mild effects in the other hand where alcohol can lead to aggressive behavior and more stress. Many marijuana users can develop tolerance to the side effects those who cannot just quit. For most americans the greatest risk in smoking marijuana is being arrested.

1. Despite the strong forces trying to keep marijuana illegal. Marijuana users will continue going against laws and accomplish legalization of marijuana no matter what. Despite the law enforcements people will support marijuana legalization for generations. Prohibition has failed to silence marijuana users compared to their effort in past generations. The issue of marijuana will never be forgotten. And there will always be marijuana users trying to legalize it.

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