Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bob Marley and Rastafarian

Bob Marley a legendary reggae singer who is from Jamaica. As Bob Marley was a representative of reggae he was also Rastafarian. Rastafarian is a christian culture in Jamaica started from 1930's. And one of the religious movements that Rastafarian encompass is the usage of marijuana. Most reggae singers are Rastafarian. Therefore it was impossible to have reggae without the existence of marijuana. This is the reason why many pictures of Bob Marley are presented by him smoking marijuana. The colors of a Rastafarian are red, gold (yellow), and green. Bob Marley was one of the key figures in spreading the idea of Rastafarian. During the 1970's Bob Marley's style and music spread throughout the world introducing people the idea of Rastafarian. If you listened to many of Bob Marley's song you might hear the world "ZION" often. Zion is a land where Rastafarian's believe god promised them in Africa which is Ethiopia present. Lion is also an important figure in the Rastafarian. The lion is in the Imperial Ethiopian flag and it is one of the doctrines in the Rastafarian.

Term rasta (which is the shortened version of the world rastafarian) when it comes to a reggae singer, Bob Marley, anything that has red, yellow, green, or just in general people who smoke marijuana for pleasure. It was because of Bob Marley that the idea of Rastafarian spread so fast now a days and it is also a big part in the industrial part. Present days there are products where the idea of rasta is present. There are multiple series of rasta earphones and headphones from Skull Candy which is a audio production company. Also there is a special edition in Burton Snowboards called the rasta board or the Bob Marley board. Because of its effectiveness around the world, rasta became a common thing in daily life. And now a days Rasta doesn't have to relate to the whole Rastafarian belief or reggae or Bob Marley. There are also companies where red, yellow, and green are their main colors such as Dakine. Because Bob Marley was so influential in this part the three colors are often referred as Bob Marley color. Also his contribution to this idea not only spread through out parts of Africa and America but now it is international.

Bob Marley was clearly one of the most influential figures in the world. He changed peoples' perspective about rights, drugs, music, and life. Not only it was influential then Bob Marley's ideas and quotes still reflect on some of the aspects of life we live in today.

"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction."

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny."

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!"

"Rastafari not a culture, it's a reality."

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drugs and Schools

As many people know there are more chances of getting involved in drugs in college. For most people the age that they are first introduced into drugs are during the early 20's to mid 20's which is the time where people are in college.
The most common drug many people will be first associated would be marijuana because it is the most common and it is easier to get than other illegal narcotics. At many times people will be either forced, encouraged, or self satisfactory. Most times people are encouraged or forced. In college many times students will be convinced that taking drugs make you look cool. And many anti-drug commercials are associated with the topic of drug making you cool. Either way it depends on the individual's choice but most of the times many people are convinced.
Also drug usage doesn't tend to matter in which college you attend in. Many of the students in Ivy league schools were arrested for drug uses. As seen in the graph Princeton and Yale has the most drug arrests. Also most people arrested for drugs are adults. There are more arrest of adult drug uses than juvenile. In this case adult is counting college students. There will be many temptations in college or later years of high school where one will be associated with drugs, and it is ones choice and ones responsibility to either take the risk or not.

Drugs to Movies

There are many movies that involves drugs. Most common drugs involved in these movies are usually marijuana or cocaine. As they are probably the two most common drugs. There are comical drug movies such as Pineapple Express, Harold and Kumar series, How High, and etc. There are more serious drug movies like Requiem for a Dream where it shows what drugs can actually do to people. Comical drug movies like Pineapple Express or other movies tend to deal with marijuana because it is one of the drugs that doesn't effect human health a lot. However more serious drug movies such as Requiem for a Dream which I saw recently in chemistry class deals with drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. There are different levels of drugs dealt with in different situations. Marijuana tends to be the least serious and the most serious drug tends to be crystal meth. Movie such as Pineapple Express wants to promote the idea of doing drugs. These movies don't drugs seriously it shows as a hobby and a daily part of life. These comical drug movies are more meant for people to watch it as pleasure and to laugh. While movie such as Requiem for a Dream make people think again about drugs and question the viewers are drugs really worth doing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is a advertisement of ending drug prohibition of marijuana .

The basic story of this advertisement is when a comical figure finds a flower. Which the flower reflects on marijuana. When the guy smells the flower he feels good and decides to share it with other people. After more and more people start to like it they start to produce the flower and the value goes up. When everyone is enjoying the flower, the government takes over. They out rule the flower companies and they start selling cigarettes and alcohol to people. As seen in the video people get more violent and more out of control when they smoke cigarettes and alcohol. There are also more health problems in the case where drug is the only way to cure, but also drugs have side effects. With the control of cigarette and alcohol companies the value of the flower goes down as well. As the cig and alcohol companies ban the flower. As there are less flowers left people are more eager to take it. With people wanting flower secretly this creates more chaos and the police wanting to arrest them. This video reflects on how the cigarette companies and the alcohol companies are very active with the government. Despite their harms they support anti-drug campaigns. The tobacco companies wants to have a strong bond with the government so that marijuana doesn't become legal. If marijuana did become legal it would effect greatly on the cigarette companies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


sign the petition if you want to end drug wars

This vote is going to be sent to Ban Ki Moon and the heads of state

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cocaine is probably the second common drug after marijuana. Cocain is usually sniffed, smoked, consumed, and sometimes injected.
Cocaine comes from Crystalline tropane alkaloid which is obtained in the leaves of coca plant. The name of the drug comes from the plant coca and the suffix ine of alkaloid. Cocaine is know to be very addictive and it is illegal. It is a very strong nervous system stimulant. This drug can lead to various effects in the body. Common effects are it increases alertness, well being and euphoric and energetic. Some of the worse effects are anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness. However health problems generated fromlegal substances such as alcohol or tobacco are greater than health problems created from the use of cocaine. Cocaine does that lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems. Cocaine does not lead do severe mental breakdown but it causes a lot problems in body both internally and externally and most effects the body system and the functioning of the body. Cocaine also does harm to your exterior appearance. For example, on the left, it is a picture of a women before sniffing cocaine and after sniffing cocaine. As the picture is shown the cocaine sucked all the fat out of her face and she looks older. Cocaine will destroy you mentally, internally, and externally.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marijuana VS Tobacco

Recent studies have shown that there is no increase in death associated with the use of cannabis. Unlike users of tobacco and alcohol, most users of marijuana tend to quit starting from their adult life. Also the exposure to smoke is generally less in marijuana than tobacco. Unlike tobacco which is chemically made and contains nicotine, marijuana does not contain nicotine and is not made with chemical substances. There are less risks in getting lung cancer or heart diseases from smoking marijuana. Many of the substances that make tobacco are also radioactive and it is airborne. Also nicotine which is present in tobacco is known to be highly addictive. Nicotine is a toxic substance and when it is consumed a lot it can cause harmful heart disease's and lung problems.

There haven't been a lot of problems with the over dose of marijuana. However people who ignore doctors advice and continues to smoke tobacco have managed to overdose and die of heart seizure or lung problems. Also because people how smoke creates the problem of second hand smoke. There is none of these problems with marijuana because most marijuana users dont smoke in public a lot because of its psychoactive effects. Also marijuana doesn't cause the narrowing of air passageways in the lungs unlike tobacco. Also research of doctors show that marijuana clears out the lungs with smog, pollutants, or cigarette smokes. This is also the reason why there are legal strands which are used as drugs to cure people. Research has shown that if medium to hard smokers also smoke marijuana they will live at least 7-10 years longer. Even the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) declared that marijuana is in his natural form and it is far safer than foods that people commonly consume.The reason why people smoke tobacco and thinks marijuana is far more dangerous is because they do not know about the chemicals and radioactive substances present in tobacco. In fact many professionals doctors have never heard about the substance called polonium 210 which is present in tobacco and is highly harmful. Also one of the reasons why marijuana is not legalized is because of the cigarette companies. The cigarette companies are very active with the U.S congress for decades fighting against laws and proposed research which could hurt the cigarette companies. Also the tobacco interests practically own the senate and house seats.Tobacco also contributes in fund organizations such as Partnership for a Drug Free America, which adopts a anti-drug agenda. However tobacco and alcohol are always excluded in these agenda, claiming that they are harmless. Also tobacco companies try to hide their ingredients for competitiveness against other companies.

With all these harmful chemical substances in tobacco that most people aren't

informed of, I do not know the reason why marijuana can be legalized when it is

scientifically proven that it causes less harm and when it is stated that it is actually healthier than most of the foods people consume commonly.