Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is a advertisement of ending drug prohibition of marijuana .

The basic story of this advertisement is when a comical figure finds a flower. Which the flower reflects on marijuana. When the guy smells the flower he feels good and decides to share it with other people. After more and more people start to like it they start to produce the flower and the value goes up. When everyone is enjoying the flower, the government takes over. They out rule the flower companies and they start selling cigarettes and alcohol to people. As seen in the video people get more violent and more out of control when they smoke cigarettes and alcohol. There are also more health problems in the case where drug is the only way to cure, but also drugs have side effects. With the control of cigarette and alcohol companies the value of the flower goes down as well. As the cig and alcohol companies ban the flower. As there are less flowers left people are more eager to take it. With people wanting flower secretly this creates more chaos and the police wanting to arrest them. This video reflects on how the cigarette companies and the alcohol companies are very active with the government. Despite their harms they support anti-drug campaigns. The tobacco companies wants to have a strong bond with the government so that marijuana doesn't become legal. If marijuana did become legal it would effect greatly on the cigarette companies.

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