Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drugs to Movies

There are many movies that involves drugs. Most common drugs involved in these movies are usually marijuana or cocaine. As they are probably the two most common drugs. There are comical drug movies such as Pineapple Express, Harold and Kumar series, How High, and etc. There are more serious drug movies like Requiem for a Dream where it shows what drugs can actually do to people. Comical drug movies like Pineapple Express or other movies tend to deal with marijuana because it is one of the drugs that doesn't effect human health a lot. However more serious drug movies such as Requiem for a Dream which I saw recently in chemistry class deals with drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. There are different levels of drugs dealt with in different situations. Marijuana tends to be the least serious and the most serious drug tends to be crystal meth. Movie such as Pineapple Express wants to promote the idea of doing drugs. These movies don't drugs seriously it shows as a hobby and a daily part of life. These comical drug movies are more meant for people to watch it as pleasure and to laugh. While movie such as Requiem for a Dream make people think again about drugs and question the viewers are drugs really worth doing.

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