Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drugs and Schools

As many people know there are more chances of getting involved in drugs in college. For most people the age that they are first introduced into drugs are during the early 20's to mid 20's which is the time where people are in college.
The most common drug many people will be first associated would be marijuana because it is the most common and it is easier to get than other illegal narcotics. At many times people will be either forced, encouraged, or self satisfactory. Most times people are encouraged or forced. In college many times students will be convinced that taking drugs make you look cool. And many anti-drug commercials are associated with the topic of drug making you cool. Either way it depends on the individual's choice but most of the times many people are convinced.
Also drug usage doesn't tend to matter in which college you attend in. Many of the students in Ivy league schools were arrested for drug uses. As seen in the graph Princeton and Yale has the most drug arrests. Also most people arrested for drugs are adults. There are more arrest of adult drug uses than juvenile. In this case adult is counting college students. There will be many temptations in college or later years of high school where one will be associated with drugs, and it is ones choice and ones responsibility to either take the risk or not.

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